The values of the technical joint

Our values

Committed teams

Worn by all employees and indissociable from belonging to the company, pride is the guarantee of our individual and collective productivity

As a value shared by all our collaborators and indistinguishable from belonging to the company, pride is the guarantee of our individual and collective production. It enables us to help our clients to achieve success.

It promotes accountability and fosters the initiative and commitment of the work teams. It gives meaning to the work and allows to meet the quality requirements
Passion for challenges

It promotes accountability and nourishes initiatives and the commitment of working teams. It gives meaning to work and helps cope with the stringent quality requirements of our trading partners.

More than a value, it is a management tool passed on to all of our teams that is the foundation of our company's culture

More than just a value, exemplarity is one the management tool we convey to all our teams and which founds the culture of our company. It results in complying with the working rules and the fulfilment of our commitments to our clients, which is a token of our performance.

It allows everyone to listen to the other collaborators as well as external partners in their difference and diversity

It has been part of our company since its foundation. It enables everyone in the company to be attentive to both internal collaborators and external partners, in respect of their difference and diversity. Respect implies our duty to meet the requirements of our clients.

The consciousness of belonging to the same team creates a group cohesion and allows to share best practices and in-house expertise
Working hand-in-hand

Awareness of belonging to the same team creates group cohesion and helps share expertise and good practices internally. Such group cohesion enables us to establish strong partnerships and trust contracts which allow us together with partners to provide our clients with the best solutions for their needs.