• Le Joint Technique possède et développe ses moyens humains, techniques et technologiques pour accompagner ses clients dans ses projets et problématiques d’étanchéité.

    Seal manufacturer
    and Solution provider.

    Le Joint Technique designs and manufactures sealing devices.
    The Company puts its market and product expertise at your disposal
    for a wide range of seals.

  • L’expertise et les compétences d’un fabricant de joints en élastomères français

    A unique manufacturer-provider
    that meets any sealing requirement

    From the most basic to the most complex technologies, Le Joint Technique offers you a wide range of sealing devices such as O-rings, machined seals, liquid silicone moulded parts, rubber parts, TPE and elastomers, standard seals, and catalogue products (sealing rings, BS rings).

  • Transfer and regulation of fluids

    Fluid transfer and control, static and dynamic seals
    and thermal insulation

    Building on our experiences of markets and applications, our development and research departments will help and advise you throughout your projects.

  • Continuous progress

    The guarantee of continuously
    improved contracts

    Always going further in improving competitiveness and solution efficiencies,
    product and service quality and client satisfaction :
    that is the company’s DNA which has always been engrained in our management system.

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