Product expertise


O-rings are a major sealing device.

O-rings have now become efficient and cost-saving sealing systems thanks to how they are developed, the ease they offer at mounting, and the constantly improved techniques of synthetic-elastomer manufacturing and development.

They are used in static or dynamic applications, alternative and rotary (up to 5 m/s in this case) movements, and in low or high pressure applications (+ 1000 bars).

LE JOINT TECHNIQUE offers a wide of range of O-rings in stock or on demand.

  • We provide French and all common international references, such as AN, BS, MS, DIN, and SMS standards.
  • We also satisfy specific requirements, such as small diameters and very light sections.
  • We process all types of common standard elastomers, even with agreement (health, potable water, gas, medical, and food): NBR, EPDM, FPM, HNBR, AEM, including silicones and fluorosilicones.
  • We also manufacture very large series in liquid silicone (LSR).
  • We produce O-rings in high-performance perfluoroelastomers.

To make mounting easier, improve the friction coefficient and sliding, and secure the required level of cleanliness, LE JOINT TECHNIQUE makes its surface-treatment expertise and industrial resources available for you.