Creativity and innovation are key factors in our competitiveness, which is essential for the sustainability of our company

Quality management

Quality, Safety, Environment, Continuous improvement

Creativity and innovation are the key factors that feature the quality of Le Joint Technique’s policy.
Understanding the challenges and the changes that continuously occur in our environment is seriously considered to measure the relevance of our processes.
Already certified ISO 9001 :2015 and IATF 16949 :2016, our organisation (operational excellence, lean management) also ensures safety of individuals and improved working conditions through risk management.
The trust we enjoy from our ordering parties is what drives our commitment to maintain and carry on our QSE policy.

1. Quality management system

Understand the challenges imposed by continuous changes in our environment to measure the relevance of our processes and the consistency of our action plans
Committed management
LJT induces profound changes in terms of management and the sharing of responsibilities and thus promotes transversality and listening to the client
Process management
Illustration of our method of quality management by the PDCA principle of continuous improvement
Problem solving

2. Operational excellence/Continuous improvement

Cooperation as a fundamental part of our joint production system : All together to achieve performance : Motivation - security, deadline, cost.
Production system
System of operational displays for a better visibility of the activity (project management, scheduling), to quickly detect the drifts of a process (indicators of performance, continuous improvement)
Visual management
The KAIZEN action is based on simple and daily actions in a process of continuous improvement. Every employee is led to think to bring about concrete improvements
Kaizen methodology

3. Quality control

Regular investments to develop testing and development control means to guarantee a total quality of our joints.
Optical 3D
All our joints are checked
100% visual control
Vision Seal Control
100% visual control