New projects ... New technologies

LE JOINT TECHNIQUE was approached by a major manufacturer of high-security pressure regulators and valves which was looking for an economic industrial solution for manufacturing a broad range of high-precision membranes and valves using diverse and varied materials: EPDM, NBR, FPM, Polyurethane, etc.

There was a major problem in that its requirements were not compatible with the cutting techniques available on the market:

  • Tolerances of +/-0.05 for thicknesses, whereas this involves elastomers
  • Tolerances of +/-0.1 for diameters of up to 40 mm and +/-0.15 above that
  • Holes/vents: up to Ø0.6 mm with a depth of 1.5 mm
  • Machined grooves.

LE JOINT TECHNIQUE decided to take on this major challenge!

From a blank sheet, by relying on the knowledge and experience of our design office, we came up with the SOLUTION:

  • Tailoring machines and processes
  • Dedicating a specific workshop
  • Designing special tools
  • Experimenting, testing, adapting
  • New experimenting, testing, validating.

In less than two years, this resulted in LE JOINT TECHNIQUE successfully delivering some 150 miscellaneous and varied valve and membrane products, amounting to over 3 million quality parts.

This “made in LJT” technology is now attracting other sectors such as watchmaking and aeronautics.

Why not you?