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Our colleagues talk about their job... We are launching a new series of articles in which we will meet the men and women who contribute to the rich tapestry of our company.

Today, let’s meet Bruno Turpin | Industrial Manager, R&D |

  • Bruno, tell us about yourself. What is your professional background?

I’m a link in the human chain that adds value to the company I work for. I’m tough on myself. I like progress because I think I owe it to others in recognition of everything they bring me. My background in a scientific sector (materials and elastomers) has allowed me to develop my skills at an international level and has, furthermore, given me an insight into other cultures.This is why I draw on the richness of human interaction for my personal and professional development.

  • What exactly is the role of Industrial Manager, R&D?

The core tasks assigned to me fall into two categories:Ensuring that the company’s developments comply with requirements, technical changes and the need for profitability.Steering industrial performance thanks to the people in the organization.

  • Which are your favorite aspects of your job?

Without doubt, that would be the challenges posed by the new projects and developments. We currently devise processes based on industrial agility. Each new project enables us to consolidate our knowledge, yet also to extend our boundaries.

  • Can you give me three words to describe your working day?

My working day is lively and punctuated by team discussions about:

- Measurements: N-1 performance indicators review
- Analysis: Internal/external technical support
- Decisions: Actions on initiated jobs to bring about improvements.

  • Which project(s) did you particularly enjoy working on?

They all have their specific characteristics and there is always a high degree of attachment to them, but I think this would have to be a project about an automotive thermal application we are currently finishing off which has involved us making some daring choices with a highly advanced and specific technology.

  • What training would you like to do next? And which conference/professional event would you like to attend next?

I’ve already embarked on some training, about the factory of the future, because it’s a question of the approach needed to develop collective intelligence in our future assignments. K (the world’s no. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber) remains one of the industry’s high points for me. I’m always looking forward to it with great excitement. The only slight downside is that it doesn’t take place in our beautiful France!

  • Do you like working at LJT? Why?

I like what I do because I thrive on working in a family-owned company that gives me the space I need to fully express myself. I firmly believe that the company is forging ahead and that its ambitions are legitimate. The best proof of this is that when I look back at what we've done, I feel like saying "wow"!”